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The Ministry of Steampunk & Belvoir Castle look forward to welcoming you to a fantasy weekend of Steampunk and Fairytales.

But what do we have in store for you when you arrive?

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This page provides a general description of our plans for the weekend. Now that the event is almost upon us, you may prefer to head straight to the confirmed event timetable by selecting the button below: 

Since the over-arching theme of the weekend is a mashup of Steampunk and Fairytales, we are planning a family-friendly event. But if you're never too old for Steampunk (and let's face it you aren't) then you're never too old for a Fairytale either. With all of this in mind, we have been putting together what we believe will be an out-of-the-ordinary Steampunk event for your delectation.


Below you will find a taste of our confirmed plans to date to whet your appetite for a  weekend of Steampunk and Fairytales like no other. 

As you approach the castle from the carpark, be sure to keep your eye on the woods at the side of the road and be sure to take notice of any signs about wolves and houses made of chocolate.

The other side from the woods you will find the Steampunk Fairytale market, so be sure to check out the fabulous and eclectic wares on offer. Just down from the market lies the beautiful rose garden.


But who is inside the grotto today? Be sure to keep your eyes open for fairies. 

You will be able to enjoy performances by The Cogkneys, The Brass Brothers, the Steampunk Choir of Notorious Excellence (S.C.O.N.E.) and our favourite troupe of tribal belly dancers Belly Fusion Dance Collective. 

If you see an 'old lady' offering you rosy red apples from a basket, you might just want to think twice.


And watch out for the Wood Woozle.   

The inside of Belvoir Castle is a sumptuous and incredible sight any day of the year, but for the Steampunk Fairytale weekend it will be hosting a few extra Steampunk Fairytal characters.

By the time you reach the castle you will likely have encountered a number of Fairytale characters with a Steampunk twist.


But who will they be? That would be telling! 

Did we mention face painting?

You may have caught up with Cinderella at Belvoir over Christmas and you should definitely look out for our post-apocalyptic Cinders in the kitchen and no doubt the Steampunk Ugly Sisters will be lurking somewhere, but make sure you also look out for spinning wheels, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbledore and Fawkes, and......

....well of course we're not going to tell you about all of the extra characters who will be adding to the glamour of the incredible castle.  

And it won't all be Brothers Grimm and Cinderella as there are plenty of modern day Fairytales too...

At some point your mind will likely to tea. For the whole weekend the Castle Tea Rooms will be paying homage to the Mad Hatter and his friends.

At the mention of tea, you've probably already started wondering if there will be tea duelling and whether there will be teapot racing.


Why yes, there will be both! Not sure what they are? Come along and find out.

We will be hosting costume competitions for adults and children and there will also be a competition / exhibition of Steampunk artwork; see the page on the Carroll Award here.



Your probably wondering if there will be a parade; This weekend the parade will have a twist as we will be following the pied piper so anything could happen...

Tickets are now on sale through the Belvoir Castle Website which you will find here. The Ministry have negitoated a special discounted price for Steampunks to gain entry to the Castle and Gardens on both the Saturday and Sunday. Full details of how to obtain the discount are on the Ministry's Facebook events page "Welcome to the Asylum" which you can access here

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