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The Library of Eerie Tales 
Social, Humber Street
Friday 28 October | Age 16+
18:30 doors for 19:00 EARLY Performance 
20:30 doors for 21:00 LATE Performance

Sylvia Sceptre presents an evening of eerie magic and the macabre.

Step into the shadows this Hulloween and experience an evening of unearthly delights. Madame Sceptre’s macabre show of magic and mystery will bring a shiver to your spine and a frisson of the absurd to October.


Madame Sceptre immerses audiences in the world of Victorian occultism and witchcraft. Expect magic, mirth and hauntology.


The show is devised and performed by Careena Fenton-Cullen. Careena is researching towards a doctorate in Victorian Spiritualism, Witchcraft and Performance Magic. She has been a performer for many years and is a member of The Magic Circle.

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Hulloween Ghost Walk
Friday 28 October | Age 20+
Meet at the Andrew Marvell statue outside the Hands on History Museum in Trinity Square (next to Hull Minster). 

Mike Covell_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Mike Covell_edited_edited.jpg
Mike Covell_edited.jpg

Join Mike Covell on a walking tour of Hull's ghostly myths and legends


Mike uses historical images, maps, plans etc. to show the history while telling ghostly stories to chill your spine.

The walk begins at 8 PM and takes a circular route, finishing back at the Andrew Marvell statue at around 9:30 PM. 

The cost of the tour is £5 per head. 

Numbers are strictly limited so please email to book in advance at or by using the link below quoting reference 'STEAMPUNK'. 


The Immortal Ball
The Guildhall
Saturday 29 October | Age 16+
19:00 doors for 19:30

On behalf of the Office of Supernatural Affairs of The Ministry of Steampunk you are invited to The Immortal Ball.

But what to wear? Because the Immortal Ball is taking place during the Hulloween Festival, you may wish to consider representing one of our less-mortal cousins. Perhaps come dressed as a Vampire, Ghost, Monster, Witch, Spectre, Phantom, Werewolf, a member of the Addams family or any of the other kinds of ‘Creature’ or ‘Being’ that forms part of the rich tapestry of creativity we associate with Halloween.

Of course it is to be expected that such an immortal presence will encourage other guests to come attired and prepared to act as Vampire Slayers, Monster Hunters or even Ghostbusters. Guests who wish to come in their regular Steampunk finery will be equally welcome too. After all, how will we know you are not a vampire unless we look for your reflection in one of the Guildhall’s fabulous mirrors?

The only costuming restrictions are that no wet blood is allowed in the Guildhall (including on costumes) and please do not bring any weapons.

You will be greeted in the lobby on arrival before ascending the grand staircase (lift access is available) to the Reception Room and through to the Banquet Hall. There will be a full bar and a little later you will find a buffet supper including Mediterranean meat and vegetarian platters which you will be able to graze upon as you wish during the course of the evening.

The Banquet Hall at the Guildhall is a truly wonderful place. Here the evening will gradually evolve with music and dancing matched perfectly to the occasion.


The evening will start with music by the award-winning Unity String Quartet who will play a mixture of classical and contemporary pieces. We appreciate that our ‘various’ guests will have different musical and dancing ‘tastes’ (is there such a thing as a vegetarian vampire?) so the music and dancing opportunities will be as varied as our guests.

The String Quartet will be sure to play some music suitable for dancing, so you will have the perfect chance to jive, tango or waltz around the ballroom to your heart’s content.

Next, when Lady Elsie Tinker has had ‘a little to eat’ and possibly a drop of gin, she will be encouraging everyone who can stand or is otherwise mobile to join in with some historically inspired period dances from the sixteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth centuries so spanning your immortal experience. (These are relatively simple social dances, great fun to take part in and not too demanding.)

Finally, once your supper has settled a little more, we will crank up the dancefloor tempo and you will be able to let your tangled hair down and dance the Monster Mash with the Witch Doctor, visit Devil Gate Drive with the Werewolves of London, check if There’s a Ghost in My House with The Addams Family and do The Time Warp with The Purple People Eater.

Come, join us, and dance like it’s 1897, 1930 or 2022!

Mirrors must be hidden.


No exposed garlic bulbs.


All Immortals welcome.

Hearses at 23:00

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Free Music Gig at Social
Social, Humber Street
Saturday 29 October | Age 16+
19:00 doors for 19:30

Come and celebrate Hulloween at Social with a blistering evening of live music from four live bands!


Tickets are free and can be obtained via the link at the foot of the page. 

Deep Six Blues

Deep Six Blues are a local band who play blues music to cure the blues! Sweet acoustic blues, Americana originals and classics, with a trio of National steel guitar, washboard and harmonica.

Hagley Wood Vampires

The Hagley Wood Vampires are a gothic inspired acoustic duo with Kate Southall on vocals and Jonny Zygen on guitar. They use a variety of ethereal themes and concepts to invite listeners on a journey into other worlds through their carefully crafted lyrics and music.

The New Republic

Groovy licks and bags of infectious energy. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the indie psychedelic rock scene. Combining the funky backbone of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with crisp, catchy melodies reminiscent of The Strokes and Foals. 

Fire (The Unstoppable Force)

Born in the deep, depths of Kingston upon Hull, this five-piece outfit play a post-apocalyptic brand of dark soul garage that will break your heart and melt your soul. 

Fire (UF)2.jpg
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