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If you are reading this paragraph, sales of tickets to the Immortal Ball HAVE RE-OPENED BRIEFLY BUT will be closing THURSDAY night (19 October) at 9PM.


The first Immortal Ball was held at the Guildhall in 2022 during the first Hulloween Steampunk Festival. The atmosphere was brilliant, feedback from the event was good and we vowed we would try to make the 2023 event bigger and better in every way. And we truly believe that we have. 

For 2023 we have replaced the cold buffet with a table-served hot meal and instead of having a string quartet play during the meal with recorded music for dancing afterwards, we will be playing spooky Halloween-themed music during the meal and we have booked ‘The Retrobates’ to play afterwards. The Retrobates are guaranteed to keep the dance floor full, right through to the end of the evening. 

We do appreciate that the ticket price is high, and will not be within everyone’s budget, however the price covers only the meal, the venue hire and the band. The MoS will not make any profit from the event, even if it sells out completely. 

We have a few surprises up our sleeves which we hope will make the experience even more special than our guests will be expecting. So please do come and support the event if you can.

As for what to wear - the choice is entirely yours. There will no doubt be some spooks and vampires, but immortality comes in all sorts of disguises and everyone is welcome at the Immortal Ball. 


We will be doing everything in our powers to make it a brilliant and fun Hulloween evening and hope to see you there.


N.L. 18/10/23 

Mrs Nellie Lovett and Mr Sweeney Todd invite the pleasure of your company at the second Immortal Ball to be held at the Guildhall in Hull on the evening of 21 October 2023.

The Immortal Ball is the centrepiece of the Hulloween Steampunk Festival and will include a sumptuous candlelit meal followed by an opportunity to listen and dance to The Retrobates – who will be returning by popular demand following their performances at last year's Grand Asylum Ball and the DecoDance at Asylum XIII.

Immortal no times.jpg

As a result of her continuing business relationship with Mr Todd, Mrs Lovett is particularly keen for you to try her new range of pies, previously the finest pies in London, but soon to become the very finest in Kingston upon Hull.

Mr Todd in turn will be delighted to welcome Gentlemen to his new Barbershop in the Hepworth Arcade, right next to Mrs Lovett’s pie shop.


Appointments will be available up to 11AM on the day of the ball; beyond this time, Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett will be busy in the kitchen.

Vegetarian and Vegan options will also be available (Mrs Lovett’s other neighbour is a greengrocer of repute).

Mortals and Immortals are equally welcome at the Immortal Ball. Expect Vampires, Steampunks, Witches, Wednesday Addams and quite possibly the Spirits of the very recently departed.

If you are wondering what the Ministry's first Immortal Ball was like in 2022 you will find some photos on the Hulloween page under the gallery tab. 


As for the Retrobates, if you came to the Asylum Ball at the Engine Shed in August 2022 or to the Asylum DecoDance at The Drill in August 2023 you will already know that they are an amazing band, guaranteed to keep the dance floor full from their first song to the very last note they play.


The Retrobates are an 8 piece band who take songs that you know and reimagine them in styles from the 1950s through to the 1980s. Their charisma is infectious and they are all consummate musicians. Below are a few photos from their most recent MoS performance at the DecoDance. 

For our first ever Immortal Ball at Hulloween I in 2022 we had a cold buffet meal so the ministry are hugely excited to be collaborating with Mrs Nellie Lovett this year to bring you a fine hot meal served at your table. 

You will find your meal options (including Beef and Ale or Mushroom and Merlot pies) on the MoS ticketing page if you follow the link below. 


You will be able to select where you wish to sit and you will select the meal for each member of your party during the booking process.  

But don't leave it too long. At the time of writing, tickets are already selling at a speed that has even Nellie Lovett looking aghast. 

Further details of how you can book for a close shave at Mr Todd's barber shop on the morning of the Immortal Ball will be released nearer the time.  


If you would like to pre-order bottles of wine (to ensure that your choices are available on the night) please fill in the form linked below. We will pass on your requests to the Guildhall at midnight on 12 October so that they have time to order the wines.


No payment is required at the time of placing an order. 

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