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Friday 20 October

Trinity Market
Doors 6PM Performance 7 - 9PM

Be prepared to be chilled, thrilled, and have your popcorn spilled.

We’re proud to bring you a little piece of Steampunk heaven in the shape and form of director F.W Mernau’s – Nosferatu A Symphony Of Horror.

This 1922 classical and innovative silent movie blood-fest set the standard for everything to come. This is the original and the best adaption of the Dracula legend.

Nosferatu face.JPG
Nosferatu silhouette.JPG

Count-Orlok née Dracula stalks his Romanian lair, while contemplating the terror that he will spread to distant lands.


But as usual it is not the blow from a stake to the heart, but a kiss from a beautiful woman which brings his final downfall.

Xander Armstrong, Steampunk revivalist, has industrialised the Steampunk musical, post-modernist, revivalist-era to bring you an amazing new take on the musical sound-score accompanying the vampiric legend over screen.

He will be accompanied by the ‘Queen of Gothic- – Maethelyiah – whose sombre, melancholic, and operatic tones add an extra flavour of dark ecstasy within the film, and also a guest male vocalist.


Xander delivers an hour and a half of sheer brilliance, never to be forgotten.

You will be whistling the tunes all their way home to your lead-lined, steel-made coffin.


Rest in peace.

Or at least try. 

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