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From Friday 29 December through to Monday 1 January the Ministry of Steampunk will be taking over exclusive use of the AA Four Star Belmont Hotel in Leicester.


The Belmont is an independently owned and operated hotel, a period property set away from the busiest parts of town and just a stroll down a beautiful pedestrianised walk to the city centre itself. The hotel itself has plenty of parking and it is located close to the railway station so in the perfect location in the middle of the country.

Check-in will be from 2PM on Friday 29 December and we will be leaving Friday evening free for guests to arrive at their leisure and eat when and where they wish; the hotel has plenty to offer, but you might prefer to eat out somewhere else in leicester on Friday night. 

There will be a gathering with a buffet evening meal on Saturday evening and then on Sunday we have the Steampunk New Year Gala Dinner

Steampunk New Year Gala Dinner.jpg

The hotel is an amazing quirky period property. (Of course it is been made as accessible as possible for those with mobility issues.) There are lots of spaces to relax and socialise along with areas we can use for workshops, features and gatherings. We want to work with attendees to come up with a programme that is tailored to the attendees including everything from games to talks to tastings. We don’t want to monopolise all of your time though, as you will want to go out and explore too.

As we have exclusive use we can enjoy a unique steampunk experience. Your ideas and contributions will be welcome as we develop the perfect community gathering.


We have room for only 100 guests however.


This means lots of opportunity to make new friends and of course spend time with the team from the MoS.

The images below capture some of the fun that we had at a previous Steampunk New Year gathering in Leicester - back in 2017. You might even be able to guess what music was playing when some of these pictures were taken!

The package that we have designed with the Belmont Hotel is for three nights. (Friday 29th until New Year‘s Day) It includes breakfast each morning. (They want to offer some Victorian options for breakfast too.)


We know budgets are tight for many people and at £100 for just a New Year Gala dinner is an indulgence. The hotel have been very generous with their rates though and the accommodation, buffet evening and breakfasts works out cheaper than a Premier Inn for exclusive use of a four star property. 

This means the price of the three nights including accommodation and the gala is £290 for a single or £459 for a couple - it is certainly a treat to yourselves but we understand that times are hard so this is certainly not for everyone.

There are room upgrades available too.


The package is available to book now and requires a £100 deposit to secure. 

To check out your options and book, please go to the hotel's website at which is here and click on the Book Room link which you can reach directly here. If you enter your dates as December 29th to January 1st this will automatically give you the Ministry of Steampunk special event options.

We have set up a Facebook page for guests coming to the Steampunk New Year Event where over the next few weeks we will be discussing daytime features, the evening events and music choices for the gala dinner as well as other event-related ideas and suggestions. 

We can't wait to meet up with everyone whol comes along to see out 2023 and welcome in 2024 in true Steampunk style. 

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