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Tutbury Castle is a magnificent medieval castle at Tutbury in Staffordshire. It has been around since at least the 1100's and was 'nearly destroyed' in 1264 and then 'largely repaired' in the 1300's. 


People who have stayed here include Eleanor of Aquitaine and Mary, Queen of Scotts, who was a prisoner at the castle. 


The castle today includes the King's Lodge which contains the Great Hall and the King's Bedroom as well as a number of towers and other structures in various states of disrepair or ruin. There is also a modern permanent marquee which provides a large indoor space for a variety of events including weddings and other celebrations.


The castle belongs to the Duchy of Lancaster and the current curator is the historian, writer, publicist, actor and renowned public speaker Lesley Smith.

In early 2024 Lesley Smith announced that she will be retiring from her position at Tutbury Castle in the summer. It is therefore likely that the Ministry's 'Steampunk Fairytale Weekend' will be one of the very last (if not the last) large event to take place at Tutburty Castle while it remains under Lesley Smith's care. 


Below are a selection of images of the empty castle taken in July 2023 and February 2024 giving a small taste of some of the castle's extraordinary features; but it will all look very different when it gets taken over by Steampunks, over the weekend of 18-19 May 2024!       

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