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18-19 MAY 2024

This year for the third MoS Steampunk Fairytale weekend we will be heading off to the wonderful Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire.

Tutbury Castle has been around since Norman times. The surviving buildings are as old as your favourite fairytales themselves and have lots of stories of their own to tell. The grounds are beautiful and there is a permanent on-site marquee (used for wedding receptions and other events) which will give us additional indoor space.

You will find a gallery of images of the castle here.

This year's timetable is now available here.


If you haven't been to Tutbury Castle before there is a very special reason to come to the Steampunk Fairytale Weekend as this is set to be one of the last major events held at the Castle in collaboration with the castle's current curator.


Leslie Smith, renowned historian, is well known for her dramatic portrayals of historical characters from Mary Queen of Scotts to Anne Boleyn and Boudicca.

Just as the castle resonates with the spirits of the important historical caracters who have been there over the years (including a few ghosts), so it resonates with the charm and vitality of its curator for the last 24 years! 

Did we mention that one of the towers still contains a torture chamber? If you are coming to the weekend as a Steampunk Big Bad Wolf or Troll be sure to check it out. 


Or if you are coming as Alice in Wonderland or Snow White, you might want to give it a wide berth.  

Over the weekend you will be able to race teapots, hunt fairies and monsters, listen to The Brass Brothers and the Steampunk Choir of Notorious Excellence (S.C.O.N.E.)


Don’t forget to try your hand at Tea Duelling, catch a performance by Belly Fusion Dance Collective and be sure to shop at the Steampunk market where you will find all manner of fabulous goods.

The village of Tutbury is a beautiful gem and only a short walk down the hill from the Castle. On Sunday morning we plan to hold the Pied Piper's Parade which will most likely start from the village and meander very slowly up the hill to the castle - all such details will be confirmed nearer the time.

Letting off Steam with Elizabeth I


On Saturday evening there will be a very special event with Lesley Smith, Curator of Tutbury Castle. 

Lesley is well known for her costumed portrayals of a number of historical characters, including Elizabeth I, the original Faerie Queen. These are not dry historical talks but wonderful engaging and highly entertaining performances; if you have not already seen Lesley perform live or on television then take a look at some of the topics she regularly deals with in her performances on her website which you can find here.

This will be one of Lesley Smith's last performances at Tutbury Castle and it is sure to be very popular indeed. Her Majesty will be 'discussing her life and work' with Major Tinker.

Also performing will be Captain Kuppa T & The Zeppelin Crew, a steampunk acapella act who blend serious close harmony singing with not so serious lyrics and flamboyant style. 


Tickets are now available to purchase for the Saturday or Sunday daytimes at £15 each and there are a limited number of tickets available for both days at the reduced price of £20.


The evening feature tickets are now available here.

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