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Have you been collecting the Asylum medals and pins?

Have you ever wondered how many have been made to date?

Have you been puzzled by the spelling 'mistakes' appearing on some of them?

The boffins at the Ministry have been putting together a gallery of the medals which have been produced for the ministry to date and the images are shown here. As we explore further dusty rooms if any others come to light we will add them to the gallery.

Meanwhile, if you have others please let us know and if you can, post a picture on our Welcome to the Asylum Facebook page!

At the bottom of the page you will find examples of the new MoS Medal and Creative Award Medal. These will be awarded to winners of the various competitions and races that the ministry organise. 

The Creative Award Medals are particularly special. They will be reserved for the most special creative achievements including the Great Exhibition and the costume competitions at the Asylum. Each one will bear a unique serial number and will be awarded with a certificate. We will keep a database of the winners and their creations.

The very first Creative Award (serial #1) will be awarded at Belvoir Castle to whoever wins the
Lewis Carroll Award for a 2D or 3D creation on a fairytale theme; see the Steampunk Fairytale page for further details.    


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