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So what is this Tea Duelling that you speak of? Well, it involves mugs of Tea and Malted Milk biscuits. What's not to like?

Dr Geof Banyard and John Naylor invented this game of skill and jeopardy over a mug of tea in 2010, since when the sport has been played at countless Steampunk events in the U.K. and around the world.

The Ministry of Steampunk hosts Tea Duelling events at most of our events throughout the year. The winner of each is then invited to take part in the annual Championship which  takes place at the Asylum Steampunk Festival in August.


The U.K. Tea Duelling champion is then invited to compete in the World Championship which is also held at The Asylum Steampunk Festival. 

So how do I get to take part in the competition?


Generally speaking you turn up at the time and place where the event will be taking place where you sign up with the Tiffin master/mistress. You will be given a number and then will be invited up to duel. There are generally a maximum of 16 places available.


The Ministry of Steampunks play to the rules of the Honourable Association of Tea Duellists which can be found via the link below. 

So get your Malted Milks ready and....dunk!

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