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The Ministry of Steampunk operates the Bazaar Eclectica at various events over the year. We understand that traders are an attraction in their own right and are careful not to simply exploit them as a source of revenue. Indeed, trading is usually subsidised at Ministry of Steampunk events. 

We strive to offer traders with steampunk goods and services rather than items that may simply interest steampunks.

Similarly we give preference to steampunks who are active in the UK community who wish to trade. There are lots of other markets and opportunities for general historical, vintage and alternative traders.

You should also note that we try to make sure a particular product is not over represented at any particular Bazaar to ensure a reasonable chance of making sales.


If you would like to trade at any of the Ministry of Steampunk events please email (you can use the button below) with your contact details. Please include a clear description of what you would like to sell etc., with links to where your stock may be viewed online if possible.


Invitations to trade will be sent out in due course.  Preference is given to members of the Steampunk Traders Association and then to traders who have recently supported our events, before general release to new traders. Pitches are usually booked online on a password locked site and are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

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