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The Ministry of Steampunk have worked to create a community for like minded people for more than a decade. We want to create a world where everyone is welcome and treated equally. A world where we celebrate imagination and creativity. A world where splendid is the norm.


Over this time we have created exhibitions, meets and of course events with our flagship being Weekend at the Asylum, the world’s largest and longest running steampunk festival.

We have been asked many many times how you can support and help us in our steampunk endeavours. Now that we have our Patreon scheme, you can be a part of the ongoing work of the Ministry.

MoS black red.jpg

Patreon supporters become Socius Ministerium supporting members of the Ministry of Steampunk. As Socius Ministerium you will get advanced information about our plans and events. You will learn dates and booking details first. Of course you will be entitled to a nice shiny Ministry Crest badge and a membership card which you can collect at the next MoS event you attend (or have it included in an order from our webshop).  

You can also ask questions and feed back opinions directly to the folks from the Ministry as they plan events and activities. With regular news updates you can be sure you will know what is happening in the world of steampunk.

We will be giving you the opportunity to buy tickets first, indeed some events may be open to you exclusively. This will particularly be the case for limited capacity features.

Here’s your chance. Support the Ministry, wear your badge with pride and help to create a wonderful, splendid world of creativity.

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