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Would you like to perform at or contribute in some other way to one of the events hosted by the Ministry of Steampunk?

We are always looking to work with creative members of the Steampunk community and likewise keen to learn about potential performers to make our events even more memorable. If you would like to be considered then please complete the form below​.

Please note this form is not for traders, general suggestions or requests.

Contact us about Performing or Contributing 
Have you performed at or contributed to an MoS event previously?

If you have clicked 'yes' and you are applying to repeat a daytime feature at Asylum that you have provided previously and are not charging a fee then please fill in the name, email and phone number fields and then tell us about the feature you want to repeat further down the form. 

If you are applying for the first time, are requesting payment, or applying to contribute to any of the evening features then please fill in all of the fields. 

What sort of feature would you like to offer? You can click more than one and explain differences in your description below. Please note we are not looking for paid street performers. Sadly you get lost in our amazing audiences. Sorry.


What technical and support requirements do you have that we would need to supply for you? Please note that the more self sufficient you are the easier it is to include you. You can click more than one.


Your requirements

These MUST NOT be “negotiable” or amorphous. It needs to be as clear as possible. Please assume nothing as a given and spell it out for us. We aren’t too smart.

Once we have the above information we can work out a total cost of bringing you to our event. We can then check that against budgets or projected revenue to make a simple yes/no decision over whether or not we can afford you. If we can’t make that first decision we are sorry but we are unlikely to consider you.

Would you like to be able to retail at the event as part of your feature?
Do you consent to us holding your personal details and using them to contact you about this appliction?

Thank you very much indeed for your interest in our events.  We will try to get back to you as soon as is practicable. 

Thank you for getting in touch with the MoS!

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