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We accept and recognise that fantastic steampunk weapons are a big part of the steampunk genre and we are always delighted and amazed by the creativity involved in people’s accessories – of all kinds.

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Please note however that we do not condone, encourage or want you to break the law in any way, shape or form and advise you most strongly to ensure that you carry, wear and display any weaponry in an acceptable and safe way.

We suggest that all weapons are transported to and from the event in a suitable bag, case or cover. When not in use we advise you to lock your weaponry in your car, accommodation etc.

Please be aware that even replica weapons can cause alarm in a public place and take care to display them only when and where appropriate.

Large steampunk weapons

We apologise but would ask that you do not wear large live role play/latex type weapons (e.g. swords and axes) as part of your outfit. You may be asked to return these to your vehicle/accommodation. This is due to access issues primarily. Very large items can cause accidents in busy areas or in enclosed spaces.

Evening events

We ask that no weapons at all be brought to evening events. These are social events and weaponry would be inappropriate. The best place for displaying weaponry is during the day in a wristband only venue. We are also are happy to accept submissions of your steampunk’d items for competitions such as The Great Exhibition at The Asylum.

Selling steampunk weapons

Any item for sale must meet UK legal requirements with regards to weapons and replica weapons. We particularly draw your attention to the law with regard to the sale of knives and the Violent Crime Reduction Act as it relates to replica and reproduction weapons and derivatives thereof.

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