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24-25 JUNE 2023

Blists Hill, part of the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site, is a complete Victorian town with streets, shops, businesses and features.


For just one weekend each year we turn it into an immersive Victorian World with a fantastic steampunk twist, as it becomes “The Town That Never Was.”

You will find steampunk traders taking over some of the shops and buildings along with market stalls outside and in. Displays and features throughout the town, from impossible aircraft downhill to giant robots in the ironworks.


The Town That Never Was is a totally unique opportunity to enter a complete Victorian world, but don’t miss it because it is open for just one weekend before it disappears to return the following summer.

Live entertainments and features throughout the day on our stage or popping up in the streets as they bustle with the town’s own costumed cast, a throng of well dressed steampunks and the occasional (often bemused) visitor.

Eccentric creativity is the norm; we even elect a town mayor each year, a position currently held by the Biscuit Appreciation Society (BAS). Quite how the BAS came to beat the Cthulhu Party we will never know - unless they were bribing the voters with biscuits, perhaps? But there again, word is in that the Cthulhu Party will not be standing for election next time around; so perhaps once the full impact of the BAS on our collective waistlines has become apparent their popularity will not last long either. Watch this space.  And don't eat too many biscuits. 


We usually have an optional theme to inspire your outfits and accessories which for 2023 will be “Civic Pride”. Let’s celebrate our immersive town in true steampunk style. Will you be well to do townspeople, artisans, workers, politicians or simply visitors?

Join us in creating a totally believable fantastic world for just 48 hours next summer.

More information to come soon...

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