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Part of the MoS Great Exhibition

Returning in 2024


In 2023 the Ministry introduced two new awards to the Great Exhibition which previously ran only at Weekend at the Asylum in Lincoln.

The first new award was the Lewis Carroll Award which was awarded at the 2023 Steampunk Fairytale Award and again at the 2024 Steampunk Fairytale Weekend at Tutbury Castle. 

The second new award in 2023 was the H.G.Wells Award which was awarded at The Town That Never Was at Blists Hill. We will be running the H.G.Wells Award again in 2024.

Entries can be somehow related to the optional 'Steam Western' theme or to TIme Travel or Steampunk in general. The Ironbridge Museums have their own over-arching theme this year which is 'Space and Iron' (a combination worth Googling) so entries on that theme would also be welcome.

Entries for the award will be displayed on Saturday and Sunday. They will be judged blind on Saturday after the event closes and a notice will be placed alongside the winning entry so that entrants and others will be able check back and see which entry won the award.

The winner will be presented with the fifteenth MoS 'Award for Creativity' medal on the Sunday.

If you are planning to enter the award (and please do - the more entries the better!) please complete the form below so that we can ensure we have enough space allocated for the display and can let you know  where to bring your entry.

Together with your creation please bring along a card describing the work in up to 100 words, with your name and contact details (phone number and email) on the back. 


Shown here is the winning entry for the 2023 H.G.Wells award - titled "What Happened In Surrey" by Andrew Prudom.  

The year is I938, somewhere in the southern English county of Surrey, shortly after the failed invasion of Great Britain by the Martians...[see more on the Great Exhibition page of this website here].

The H.G.Wells Award Application Form

Thank you for applying - we will be back in touch soon

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