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The Asylum Steampunk Festival 

Evening Programme 2023


There are some important changes to the process for buying evening tickets this year - so please do not assume that the process will be the same as last year.

Like last year we will be holding evening events at The Drill (which used to be called The Drill Hall) and the Engine Shed, but this year we are also excited to be able to hold some of our evening events back at the Assembly Rooms, which has always been a very firm favourite of many Asylum attendees.

The most up to date information we have about the evening events will all be on this website page, which will be updated as more information comes to light or if we need to make any changes to previously released information.

Under each event on this page you will find a link to where you can buy tickets.


The links to events at the Engine Shed and Assembly Rooms will take you to one of two different Ministry of Steampunk ticketing pages on Ticket Tailor. One page is exclusively for the Asylum Ball and the other is for the other evening events being ticketed by the Ministry. For events at The Drill the link will take you to The Drill's own ticketing page. 

As usual, evening festivities will begin with the Advance Guard Party which will be held at the Assembly Rooms; if you come to the Advance Guard you will be able to collect your wristbands in advance of the main event opening on Friday.


On Friday evening you have the choice of Lady Elsie's Fashion Show at the Assembly Rooms with a special musical appearance by Alice Strange, the Ministry's fourth Decodance with the Retrobates at the Drill Hall or an intimate séance experience with Dr Corvus Marconi at The Blue Room.

Saturday night you have three events to choose from - The Grand Asylum Ball at the Engine Shed, the Major's 'Folk Singing' evening at the Drill Hall (which is actually a Burlesque show - just don't tell the Major) and a new feature for this year, the 'Asylum Introducing' music event at the Assembly Rooms. 

You will find Sunday night's entertainments every bit as varied, with the triple headliner 'Time Travellers' music gig at the Engine Shed, The Major's Soiree variety show at the Drill Hall and a very special showing of a new film of The Hunting of the Snark at the Assembly Rooms. 

Finally, for those who don't want to go home after the closing ceremony on Monday afternoon, Monday evening will be the traditional Dead Dog Party at the Assembly Rooms. 

All of these events are described in the series of evening event pages that you can access through the main menu or the buttons below. 

Evening events require prebooked tickets.  Events  at the Assembly Rooms and the Engine Shed are available for purchase by Asylum wristband holders only.  As an experiment this year events at The Drill are also available to the general public too.

Unless otherwise stated young people under 14 are welcome to attend evening features at The Assembly Rooms but licensing restrictions mean we must operate a curfew at 9pm each evening. 14 and over are welcome throughout.

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