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Asylum XIV Merchandise

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Asylum XIV medals and T-shirts!

For the first time this year we were able to share pre-production images of the Asylum XIV merchandise items before they went on sale.

Now almost all of the items are in stock, so we can share pictures of the 'real thing'. The only outstanding item is the Asylum XIV patch which we hope to have in-hand soon. 



First up we have the Asylum XIV medal. Last year we went with a cicada as the main design element because it was Asylum XIII and some cicadas have a 13 year life cycle. 

Admittedly that was slightly obscure, so this year we have gone with an octopus instead - one of the most popular creatures in Steampunk art.

​Of course we couldn't resist putting in a couple of references to the fact that it is Asylum XIV so the octopus is surrounded by a fourteen sided polygon and he's loooking at a woodlouse who has 14 legs.




After the success of last year's Asylum T-shirt and also the spoof Blue Plaque Trail around the Historic part of Lincoln, this year we are combining the two into a 'Blue Plaque' style T-shirt.  

The T-shirts are now in stock and available to order from the wristband and merch site here.

Sizing (measured armpit to armpit across chest)

Small 36 inches

Medium 39 inches

Large 42.5 inches

XL 47 inches

XXL50 inches

XXXL 54 inches




Supporting charity has always been an important element of the work of the MoS and every year through the generosity of the traders at Asylum and the enthusiasm of those able to come to the Dead Dog Party and bid in the auction we have raised considerable amounts of money for charity. 

We will be doing exactly the same again at the Dead Dog Party this year, but we recognise that not everyone can attend and we wanted to make something new available that people can buy to support this years chosen charities (last year we supported Water Aid, the Trussell Trust and Lend With Care).  

All proceeds from the MoS 2024 Charity pin will go to Charity. 

In future years we plan to change the pin colour so that over time the MoS charity pins will build up into a multi-coloured collection. 

Stock of the 2024 pin has now arrived and one is shown here. The background is rose gold colour.





Also new for Asylum XIV we have secured a small amount of Unobtainium-14 which we have had made into very special pins.

As a thank you from the MoS, everyone who completes a shift as a volunteer at Asylum XIV will receive an Unobtainium-14 pin.


Pins will also be given to those who contribute by giving talks or running events which entertain other festival goers. These pins are not for performers who are paid. They are also not for the groups who take part in the Uniform Parade, for whom we have another treat in store.

This means that if you ever see someone wearing an Unobtainium-14 pin, you will know that they are one of the amazing people who not only came to Weekend at the Asylum XIV but also made a tangible and important contribution. They are one of the team. They are one of the people who made the event happen, by volunteering, giving a talk or running a feature.




Finally we have this year's Asylum patch which will be based on the design here. It features the same octopus as the medal. As with all the merch, once we have the 'real thing' in hand we will share photos. 

All of the above will be available to pre-order at the time you purchase wristbands and will then be available for collection at The Asylum.


There may be some surplus stock available to purchase at The Asylum, but that cannot be guaranteed and we may need to close sales closer to the event if it looks like demand is outstipping the finite numbers of merch items that we will have in hand at the time.

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