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The first 'Great Exhibition' award for 2024

In 2023 the Ministry introduced the Carroll Award for the best fairytale-themed piece of steampunk 2D or 3D artwork. The medal was awarded to Alice Prudom at the Steampunk Fairytale Festival at Belvoir Castle - see below.

We are now inviting applications for entries to the second Carroll Award which will be awarded at Tutbury Castle over the weekend of 18-19 May.

If you would like to enter the competition please let us know by filling in the form below, so that we can be sure we have sufficient space allocated to display the entries. 

Last year the Carroll Award was the first of a new series of Steampunk Creativity medals. In 2023 we awarded a total of 13 numbered medals and this will be number 14. 

The 2023 Lewis Carroll Award for a 2D or 3D creation on a Fairytale Theme Awarded to Alice Prudom for "Alice in Steamland"

After wandering through Wonderland and going Through The Looking Glass, Alice trips and falls into Steamland!

Eerily similar to Wonderland, but with a few more marvelous machines. 

Created using Powertex and mixed media, various Wonderland inspired objects appear to leap out of the book. Watch out for Absolem the catterpillar who has had a Cog-gy  makeover.


The Carroll Award Application Form

Thank you for applying - we will be back in touch soon

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