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The Historic Quarter

This map shows the main locations in the Historic Quarter where the daytime elements of Asylum take place, as well as the route for the Grand Parade on Monday morning. 

Access to the County Assembly Rooms, Heritage Centre and Men's Prison is by wristband only. You can access other parts of the castle by buying a castle ticket. Access to the market in Westgate Academy is by wristband or by payment of a small fee on the door. The market in Castle Square is free to all.  

Access to the County Assembly Rooms and the Blue Room for evening features are by separate ticket.


Additional evening event locations

This map shows the locations of The Drill and the Engine Shed which are being used for evening events. On friday the DecoDance is at The Drill. On Saturday the Grand Asylum Ball is at the Engine Shed and 'What would the Major say?! (the burlesque evening) is on at The Drill. On Sunday the Time Travellers gig is on at the Engine Shed and the Major' Soirée is on at The Drill. 


Events at The Drill are open to all (no wristband required) and can be booked through The Drill's own booking site at Tickets to the Ball are no longer on sale but tickets to the Time Travellers and the evening features on at the Assembly Rooms on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and at the Blue Room on Friday are still on sale through the MoS ticketing site at Further information about the events can be found on this website. 



The Asylum will be busy this weekend. Very busy. In some of the busiest areas it can be tricky to move, not just because there are so many people, but because so many of them are fabulous, friendly, and you want to talk to them - or if you don’t, the person in front of you does. Or they want to take a photo on their mobile phone.

The whole experience is beyond wonderful, but at the same time it can be a bit daunting. And nobody wants to get separated from their friends or family or lost.

If you don’t know about the amazing App ‘what3words’, this would be the perfect time to download it onto your phone. The App divides our home planet into 3 metre squares and assigns each one a combination of three words. Once you have the App you can use it to send your precise location to another person to arrange to meet up, or you can use it to find places with much much greater precision than using a postcode or even an address.

Here are some locations you might find useful over the weekend;

supply.frog.debit - The County Assembly Rooms
exam.only.groups - Westgate Car Park
preoccupied.acute.kind - West Gate of Lincoln Castle
traded.hook.script - East Gate of Lincoln Castle
pulse.types.fake - The top of the banjo in the castle
scuba.string.drop - The Heritage Centre car park
exact.friday.bonds - The Blue Room
strong.area.descended - The Engine Shed
bucks.shift.costs - Steep Hill
silver.edges.exams - The Drill
icons.windy.wedge - Castle Square

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