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A New 'Great Exhibition' Award for 2023

In 2022 the Ministry introduced a new category into The Great Exhibition at The Asylum - the Bernhardi award for poetry. The winning entry by Cap. Nathaniel Tennyson Skirmish entitled “Keep Steaming” was read out by the author during the Asylum closing ceremony. 

For 2023 we are adding a further category to our awards roster which will be called the Carroll award, named after Lewis Carroll.


This medal will be awarded for the best fairytale-themed piece of steampunk 2D or 3D artwork, but instead of being awarded at The Asylum, it will be awarded at the Steampunk Fairytale Weekend (13-14 May) at Belvoir Castle.

Please note that because the exhibit will be inside Belvoir Castle you will need to fill in the form below to tell us that you wish to submit an entry - this differs from the arrangement at The Asylum where pre-registration is not required. Initial expressions of interest should be made by the end of February.

In other medal-related news, we will soon be announcing our plans for a new style of Ministry of Steampunk medal to be awarded to winners of all of our creative awards.


Future MoS medals will all bear a serial number, but of course there will only ever be one with a serial number 001, and this will be awarded to the first winner of the Carroll award!

The Carroll Award Application Form

Thank you for applying - we will be back in touch soon

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