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The Great Exhibition has been a key feature of the Asylym Steampunk Fesival for a number of years. We welcome previously unseen and anonymised entries in a number of categories.


The entries are judged blind during the event and then winners are announced and medals are awarded at the closing ceremony on Monday.

New for 2023 we have added two more medals. The first is the Lewis Carroll Award for a 2D ar 3D creation with a Fairytale theme. Entries were invited in advance of the  Steampunk Fairytale weekend at Belvoir Castle on 13-14 May.

We were fortunate to have seven excellent entries, any one of which would have been a worthy winner of this new prestigious award. The entries were judges blind by a team of judges (not including MoS members) including representatives of the management team at Belvoir Castle. 


It was a difficult decision but the judges awarded the medal to Alice Prudom for her mixed media creation 'Alice in Steampunk' (see below). 

The second new award for 2023 will be the H.G. Wells medal for a 2D or 3D creation on the theme of Time Travel. Entires will be invited to be exhibied at The Town That Never Was at Blists Hill Victorian Town over the weekend of  24-25 June.

Further details will follow very shortly. 


The Lewis Carroll Award for a 2D or 3D creation on a Fairytale Theme
Awarded to Alice Prudom for "Alice in Steamland"

After wandering through Wonderland and going Through The Looking Glass, Alice trips and falls into Steamland!

Eerily similar to Wonderland, but with a few more marvelous machines. 

Created using Powertex and mixed media, various Wonderland inspired objects appear to leap out of the boo. Watch out for Absolem the catterpillar who has had a Cog-gy  makeover.



The Brunel Award for the Spirit of Steampunk 
Awarded to Alice Horton for her "Brain Hat"

The brain hat is a vintage bowler hat with a knitted hat with icord brain on top.


The hat adds +10 to the intelligence of the wearer, with a -5 to charisma, and enables creative and broad thinking.


(Motivation sold seperately)

The Jules Verne Award for Ingenuity
Awarded to Suzie Batters for "The Journey Begins Now"

This was a child's balance bike that was discarded.


I saw its purpose to make a steampunk bicycle out of it.


It's powered by imagination and smiles.


I used leather, rivets and painting techniques.


The bicycle can and will take you anywhere.

The Pugin Award for Craftsmanship
Awarded to Heln Bel Palmer for "A Fine Friend"

Gazing at the abandoned bicycle Mo-Jo grinned at his ‘Great big idea’. He and his friends would go to Lincoln in fine style. First, the bicycle needed to be the right way up.

Scurrying back to the Hidden Village, Mo-Jo contemplated how many might be needed to make it go?


‘Me an’ another can hang off the handles and steer. Another somebody should sit on the front wheel an’ point the way. Two somebodies can push the pedal foots up an’ down...’


Every fairy figure (Um...Eleven?) wings, clothing etc scratch made, sculptured and painted by hand.

The Rosetti Award for Aesthetics
Awarded to Bethan Liente for "Rex Shirtripper Does It Again"

Intrepid explorer and famed dinocologist, Rex Shirtripper, poses for the front cover of Derring-Do Quarterly; his 17th to date.


Asked about his latest escapade, Rex was keen to point out that despite his cover appearance, he still very much worked with his hands, and had indeed taken on his rival's submarine 'as nature intended.'


"The blunderbuss is more of a big ... starter pistol. Lets 'em know the game is on! [sic]"”

Rex Shirtripper.jpg

The Ruskin Award for painting, drawing or other 2D artwork
Awarded to Sarah-Jane Tonks for "What I Did On My Holidays"

Painted in ink and watercolours, this piece inverts the classic Victorian sea-side postcard, depicting an octopus suitably outfitted in a pressurised suit to spend a day on the beach making sandcastles.  

The Steam Bear Award 
Awarded to Sharon Watts for "Lady Emily Spinach in her Jubil-tea Outift"

Lady Emily Spinach wears a bespoke outfit with all items made just for her - she has a unique shape which was quite challenging at times to draft patterns for! Her outfit is made from both recycled fabric (a bed sheet) and new fabric, with techniques and patterns adapted from person-sized garments.

Awarded to Sharon Watts for 'Lady Emily Spinach in her Jubil-tea outfit', celebrating the 70 glorious years reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

For the princely sum of £3 (pus P&P), this lonely and unloved bear was rescued from an online auction site. After some TLC, including minor neck surgery, she was reborn as Lady Emily Spinach, with a new life as a much loved companion bear.

Emily Spinach was the name of a pet garter snake belonging to Alice Roosevelt, daughter of American President Theodore Roosevelt.

In 1902 he said of Alice, ‘I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both’. Alice was rebellious in her nature, and would wear Emily Spinach around her wrist to attend parties and functions. (The snake got it’s name as it was ‘as thin as Aunt Emily and as green as spinach.’)

The Worth Award for Textiles
Awarded to Birgit Shelley for "The Time-Out Seascape"

The time-out seascape displays needle crafts in 3-d workings.

It was found by the underwater explorer and shows the peaceful coexistence between various aquatic beings.


Octopus, turtle, seahorse and crustaceans are grown to different sizes and proudly display their cheerful colours.



We're all in this together

No-one gets left behind

We'll brave all kind of weather

And nourish every mind

For yes, yes all, are equal

Deserving of our time

This life it has no sequel

But reason and a rhyme

Keep steaming and stay splendid

Take pride in all you do

As broken can be mended

For we're steampunk through and through

The Bernhardi Award for Poetry
Awarded to
Cap Nathaniel Tennyson Skirmish for his poem 'Keep Steaming'

Inspired? It's never too early to start planning for Asylum 2023!

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