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Captain's blog. Stardate 17.11.2022

Betwixt Hulloween and Weymouth

The website has been live for a while now, during which time the Ministry have been to Hull for the new Hulloween Fesival over the weekend of 28-30 October and then to MCM Birmingham over the weekend of 11-13 November.

The website meanwhile has been clocking up views. To date 2,319 'unique visitors' have made a total of 3,465 visits to the site from a total of 42 countries.


As expected the majority of visitors are from the UK with USA second (90 visits), followed by Germany (26), New Zealand (18), Australia (16) and then China (15)!


Visitors are currently spending an average of 5m 38s on the site per visit.

58% of visits are from mobiles, 35% from desktops and 7% from tablets. 

Very soon the MoS will be in Weymouth for the Steampunk Christmas Festival over the weekend of 2-4 December. The weekend will include a charity fashion show on Friday evening, a day of activities at the fabulous Nothe Fort on Saturday and then a Grand Parade, illicit market and opportunities to enjoy afternoon tea in Weymouth on the Sunday. 

Plans are already taking shape for future events including the Fairytale Weekend at Belvoir Castle in May;
definitely a date for your diary. 

The Ministry also continue to put on Steampunk exhibitions at MCM Comicons and Megacons - our most recent being Megacon in Manchester in July and MCM Birmingham in November. It's always nice to see fellow Steampunks at these events as we try to introduce Steampunk to comicon attendees. 

We are starting to add gallery pages after each event and have added a page about the Great Exhibition and another about MoS medals. We are currently looking at how best to provide some kind of directory of traders. If you have other ideas for additional content you would like to see on the website please use the 'getting in touch' form.

Captain's blog. Stardate 29.09.2022

Launch report

After sharing with Facebook friends and receiving invaluable feedback, adjustments have been made and the time has come to go live with the new Ministry of Steampunk website.  

Captain's blog. Stardate 23.09.2022

Progress report

Well on the way now. Most of the information is in place and hopefully visible on both PC/tablet and on mobile phone screens.  There are still some 'forms' that need to be finished, but it will soon be time to release the website upon the unsuspecting steampunk world.

Captain's blog. Stardate 13.09.2022

Why build a new website?

Now that the Ministry of Steampunk (MoS) has developed a suite of recurring events we felt the time had come to develop a new website designed to operate year-round as a resource for steampunks, with pages devoted to event content, maps and links to tickets. 

Like our previous website we will include portals that steampunks, performers, traders and others can use to get involved with our events, to suggest features, to offer to perform or trade or find out about volunteering. We intend also to use the website to store other useful information such as descriptions of regular or new features.

In due course we plan to add information about our exhibitions and possibly a gallery of images or videos taken at MoS events. But first we plan to start with the basics and see if we can make it work at an elementary level. 

Will it ever be finished? Of course not! Steampunk is always a work in progress...