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Welcome to the Ministry of Steampunk (MoS) website.

If you are new to the site, start here or if you are a regular visitor, check out the noticeboard below for the latest information. 



Quick links

If you have come to the MoS website looking for links to purchase wristbands, tickets, or merchandise for any of the forthcoming MoS events the links below will take you straight where you want to go.

Weekend at the Asylum in Lincoln 23-26 August

Asylum Daytime Programme News

In Focus Saturday.JPG

The Asylum Planner and the Daytime Programme are now on general release.


The Planner gives you an overview of each day in table format (similar to the view of Saturday above) and the Daytime Programme is a text document describing each feature in more detail. Both documents are in PDF format so you can download and store them easily. 


We expect to fill in a few small gaps between now and Asylum and hope not to have to make too many other changes, but please treat this as a sneak preview of the MoS's working document, not the final version.


When we do have a final version we will make that clear. 


The currently released versions of the documents were correct as at 17 July and can be downloaded from the links below.

Asylum Tea Parties and Supper Clubs

Once again at Asylum XIV our friends at the County Assembly Rooms will be running afternoon teas on Friday and Saturday as well as early evening Supper Clubs on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, all in the magnificent splendour of the Edwardian Suite.

The Tea Parties have been very popular events for many years and the Supper Clubs were very popular last year when first introduced. 

You can find out more information about all of these catered events and how to buy tickets for them here.

The Asylum medals are now in stock

We are really excited to be able to share the first image of this year's comemorative Asylum medal. You will find more information about this medal as well as this year's T-shirts  and two new types of pin on the Asylum Merchandise page. 


The Town That Never Was

Blists Hill Victorian Town - 29-30 June

It's here! The programme for Saturday and Sunday at The Town That Never Was is now up on the website. 

We are trying very hard to release information such as this at the earliest opportunity, so please do check back from time to time in case of any subsequent changes to the content or order of events.

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy getting ready for your return to The Town That Never Was.

If you want to embrace the optional Steam Western theme we look forward to seeing what you come up with and of course we are particularly looking forward to seeing your entries for the H.G. Wells award.

You can also download the timetable in PDF format for each day by clicking the buttons below - then you can resize the document on your device, store and print if you wish. 

Asylum XIV Group Meet-ups

Group meets 2.jpg

It will be a few weeks before we can release the whole daytime programme for Asylum XIV, but meanwhile here are the times for the various group meet-ups during the event. 

Did you miss out on the limited edition Steampunk Fairytale pins which were on sale at the Steampunk Fairytale Weekend? We have a modest number left over and to test the water for possibly selling other MoS merchandise items by post, we are offering them for sale by mail order.

You can purchase the pair including postage and packing here for a total price of £11.50, while stocks last.    

Steampunk Fairytale Pins

Julia Cameron was a 19th Century photographer who concentrated on the artistic content of her images, rather than simply recording what was in front of her.


For Asylum XIV we have added a new award in her name to The Great Exhibition. You will find further details including how to apply for the award here and general information about the Great Exhibition here.


The Cameron Award for Photography

Part of the Great Exhibition at Asylum XIV

Steampunk New Year 2025

The Belmont Hotel Leicester

29 December - 1 January 2025

We had such a great time celebrating the Steampunk New Year 2024 at the Belmont Hotal that we are going back to do it again for New Year 2025.

The event will be loosely themed on 'Around The World In 80 Days' and further details are now on the website page here. More will follow much nearer the date, but meanwhile the hotel are already taking bookings. 


The Town That Never Was

Blists Hill Victorian Town - 29-30 June

Information about this year's trip back in time to The Town That Never Was is now up on the relevant pages that you can access through the main menu above - or start here.

More information will be added over the coming days and weeks. If you haven't been before be sure to check out the selection of photos taken at last year's event in the gallery here.

If you want to find out about Blists Hill Victorian Town including information about tickets, parking etc., then you will find it on the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust website which you can reach here.

Steampunk Fairytale Weekend News!

The programme for the weekend is now up on the website here and it contains something for every Steampunk, every Fairytale Character and everyone else who is just looking for a fabulous event next weekend.   

This is going to be the very last major event at Tutbury Castle whilst the inimitable and remarkable Lesley Smith is the castle curator. It is a very special opportunity for Steampunks to enjoy an amazing event in a totally new venue with all manner of fabulous features. 

Lesley is well known for her costumed appearances as famous historical characters. She always dresses the part (even for radio interviews) and is the heart and soul of any gathering. Many will have seen her appearances on television (for example on 'Most Haunted'). She is always charismatic, bounding with energy and will be with us for the whole weekend, but most importantly she will be performing for us on Saturday evening as Elizabeth I, the original Faerie Queen. 

Other features for the weekend include witches dancing, magic, traders, the Brass Brothers, S.C.O.N.E., Belly Fusion, tea duelling and teapot racing and a number of talks on Fairytale and other Steampunk subjects. 

It will also be the perfect opportunity to pick up a set of MoS fairytale pins, subject to availability. 

The links for advance tickets to the daytime and evening events are above and we can't wait to see you all there!

The pictures below are from last year's event - you will find more on the Gallery here and on the Welcome to the Asylum Facebook page. 


Asylum Evening Event update

All the information you need to know about the evening events for Asylum XIV is now on this website under the 'events' tab. You will find an introductory page and then additional pages for each of the Asylum evenings.

We hope that everyone coming to the evening events will buy a daytime wristband so that they can support the daytime programme and attend all that it has to offer, but we are not making this mandatory this year, except for the Advance Guard (for which you must have proof of purchase of a weekend wristband) or the Dead Dog Party (for which you will need to show your wristband on admission).  

Facebook Asylum header.jpg

The Steampunk Fairytale Weekend

It's time to prepare yourself for a host of important and exciting announcements about forthcoming MoS events, the first of which concerns the third Steampunk Fairytale Weekend which will be held at the fabulous Tutbury Castle in May.


We have begun to construct the website page here to which we will be adding lots more information over the coming weeks. 

Did someone ask about the Asylum?

As the Ministry's (indeed the world's) biggest Steampunk event of the year, The Asylum Steampunk Festival takes a fair bit of planning and preparation and the elves at MoS HQ have been working on it for some time - in fact pretty much since the closing ceremony of Asylum XIII.

Asylum XIV promises to be another huge event with a host of daytime features and a variety of evening events including some new events that we will announce in due course. 

We are getting very close to being able to release the daytime wristbands and hope to do so before the end of February, subject to getting our last few ducks in a row. But don't worry, we will be giving everyone plenty of notice here and on our Facebook Welcome to The Asylum page before we do. Meanwhile you can find out more about this year's Asylum medal here.

Steampunk New Year!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Steampunk New Year with the MoS at the wonderful Belmont Hotel in Leicester. We had a fabulous time and the feedback has been excellent. You will not surprised to learn that we are investigating the possibility of doing it all again next year - but more of that later.

Gaslight photo 1.jpg

Look what's just arrived at MoS HQ: shiny new Hulloween II medals!!


Word of The Asylum continues to spread - check out the full page advert for The Asylum on the back cover of issue #2 of the amazing Quantum comic anthology by Time Bomb Comics - in stores now.  You might just spot one or two people you recognise...

About the Mos

The Ministry of Steampunk is a voluntary organisation who host Steampunk and alternative history events, including creating and hosting the Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln since 2009.

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Steph Steam drinking tea [Steph Steam]_edited.jpg

We are a somewhat amorphous organisation with various offices and bureaux that cover some of the myriad aspects of Steampunk and the wider anachronistic creative scene.

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We make no attempt to define Steampunk but instead strive to create opportunities where Steampunks can gather together and share their imaginations, creativity and friendship.

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The Ministry's new website has been a while in the making, so why not find somewhere comfy to sit with a nice cup of tea and take a look around - follow the menus for information about our upcoming events, the Ministry itself, the various ways you can get involved and information on all manner of subjects from illicit markets to photography and weapons to tea duelling!  

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